Do you love reading books? Are you in search of an exceptional bookcase? Then here are such bookcases that will make you think of having one…

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 1

: Al 2698 1. AL 26.98 This is a stunning bookshelf will a look of a tree rising from ground. Its trunk is made up of aluminium.It is named a ‘Fagus’.

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 2

: Joel Escalona 2. Joel Escalona This amazing bookshelf takes its inspiration from the helix structure of a DNA.It is a free standing bookcase with a variety of colours available for your choice.It is named as ‘MYDNA’.

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 3

: Solovyov Design 3. Solovyov Design This is a bookshelf with a lot of fun thing. It is available in different parts that be arranged to make the shape of your choice. This is called as ‘Pinta’.

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 4

: Faktura Design 4. FAKTURA This bookcase named as V is a chic up-to-date bookcase. It will be a gorgeous addition to your house with its angled design. Its cost is $1,400.

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 5

: Horm 5. HORM This modular bookshelf is known as ‘Sinapsi’. It takes its inspiration from the impulses generated by brain cells. Wow! now this is a scientific way of getting inspired.

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 6

: Olivier-Dolle 6. Olivier Dolle This stupendous bookshelf is a tree branch extended over a wall and is for sure going to be a bash. It is available in three shades of wood which are Oak colourless, American walnut and Black stained. Are you thinking to grab a branch?

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 7

: Nonah 7. NONAH This bookcase known as ‘Salamandre’ is going to be adored by your kids. This vibrant bookcase is available in 7, 5 and 3 modules variety. A 7 module bookcase will cost you 895,00€

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 8

: Bihain 8. Michael Bihain This bookshelf is a true jaw dropper. It is truly knowledge mounted on a wheel. It is available in different brilliant colours.

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